Routine Home Maintenance Made Easy


Home Maintenance Made Easy

It is important for every homeowner to know about home maintenance made easy as it is not very necessary to have the technical expertise to ensure things in the home run properly. Maintenance ensures that you do not have to incur cost resulting from big damages. Even with the common saying that “a stitch in time saves nine; it is rather unfortunate that many homeowners ignore the basic home maintenance checklist and tips with excuses of having busy schedules or not even knowing the home maintenance costs required to keep the home running smoothly for a long time.

Besides saving you some money on repair cost, having a proper and well-implemented home maintenance schedule could help protect you fro incidences likes flooding, fire, and other such damages resulting from neglect.

The home maintenance tips need to be divided based on the season or period of the year in this case, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance tips for the winter season are tasks to be completed before the season gets into full gear in order to protect the home from the effect of damp or cold weather. The winter season is synonymous with cold and it is best that the home is prepped up for this season. Some of the home maintenance tips for winter include are briefly highlighted below.

– The replacement of screen doors and windows with storm windows.
– Checking of the insulation pipes in the basements, attics, and other such spaces to ensure they are in good shape and reinsulating if necessary.
– Storage of firewood in a dry spot close to the home for proximity,
– Checking and cleaning of the clothes dryer, its duct space, and the exhaust systems of the kitchen.
– Checking the attic for proper ventilation for using the furnace.
– The checking of all water hoses that connect to home appliances like the water softener and heater to ensure there are no cracks or bubbles are. And if any, immediate repairs should be done.

Tips for Spring Season

Thunderstorms and lightening are characteristics of the spring season just as winter is known for being cold. Unlike for winter when the home is prepared for cold, prevention against electrical damage is the major home maintenance activity done for the spring season. Some of the home maintenance tasks for the spring include:

– The checking of home electrical systems.
– The testing of the ground fault receptables to ensure they are in good shape.
– Check all power surges and ensure they are in place.
– Inspect and replace damaged smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
– Replace or repair damaged or worn extension cords in the home.
– Replace the furnace that was greatly in use during the winter.
– Check the roofs for damages that could have occurred during the winter to prevent rain from leaking in during spring.
– Clean your gutter and drainage systems and ensure they are working properly.

Tips For The Summer

Summer is the time everyone loves to go out and have some bit of the sun and the fun. The home however also deserves some care and this can be provided as highlighted below.
– Clean and repair of outdoor power tools like the weedeater, lawnmower, and hedge trimmer.
– Check the deck and patio for possible damage and fix as found necessary.
– Inspect your roof to be sure there are no damages especially if you failed to do this in the spring.
– Ensure the foundation of the home is strong and intact by checking the brick, siding and cement areas for shiftings.
– Seal all cracks found in the floor of the garage and the driveway.

Tips For The Fall season

Homeowners are usually advised to prepare the home for the winter season. This means that the home should be kept safe and warm for the coming season.
– Get a professional to inspect the heating unit of the home, with special focus on the furnace.
– Replace the filter of the furnace if necessary.
– Have a reexamination of the home for possible water leaks in the basement, roof, and some appliances that have to do with water like the refrigerator, and dishwasher.
– Clean the power tools used outdoors and empty the gasoline tabk before storing them for winter.
The tips mentioned above can be done by anybody and everybody with the excpetion of a very few of them that requires some technical knowledge.
For outdoor maintenance issues, the generator should be in proper working condition heading into winter, just in case power fails. You also want your chimner checked by a professional and put in the right shape if needed.